espn a10 poll

check out the bottom right hand side for the poll of who to win the a10 next year…so far 45% of the nation believes us…100%of hawaii says charlotte takes it home

That is actually kind of impressive…

We dominate. 83% of Hawaii, 100% of Montana & Vermont. And Vermont is in the NE, they should favor UMass. We won PA, which has Temple, LaSalle, & St. Joe’s. We won about 40 of the states.

That poll is real cool!!!

[i]Originally posted by ninereast[/i]@Jul 25 2005, 08:11 PM [b] That poll is real cool!!!!!!!!!!! [/b]
Those poll results are wicked cool!!!! I do surveys from time to time in my line of work and that technology for instantaneous state by state results is freakin' amazing. CNN should have that for Anderson Cooper's 360 polls.

Look at all the respect from Indiana and Wisconsin. Looking forward to IU back in Halton this season. They’re a big draw, regardless.

The Oklahoma people must be a little bitter about DA leaving his home state to join the Niners. :smiley:

We are tied in Mississippi. I feel like driving over there and voting for us.

I think we could have carried New Mexico if we had a hispanic coach. And how about North Dakota. 5 total votes.

Yup, looks like we’re gonna carry most of the red states and the blue states. We’ll turn them all green. Is it too early to project an early winner? Maybe Tim Russert can make the call for us…


That is too cool! I can’t believe the St. Joseph’s and Temple crowd aren’t voting for other in PA.

On the other hand… Big Brother knows where we are voting from. :frowning:

We’re leading the international poll with 41% of the vote!

I really do like this poll.

Apparently we are getting some serious respect from most of the nation. Hell, we are dominating the nation from end to end. California, Texas, Florida, New York. We even took North Carolina…well I guess we should. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would have been cool if when winning a state that state would have turned GREEN. As is, GW get’s the green states and we’re blue.

Very cool pool. The mouse over action to see the number of votes broken down by state is amazing. And for once we are getting votes in our own state… amazing…

Well, that pretty much nails the coffin shut on the national respect issue.

It’s a good thing there are enough of us here in NC to carry the state. If we were polling certain sports media groups, I wonder if the outcome would be the same?


If you are out there and haven’t voted, you can probably knock Xavier out of TX.

i’m sure it also helps that lutz was on the front yesterday, and an article by katz about how we should be a league contender for years to come. Now if the poll was done before that article… I hate to say it… but it probably isn’t a landslide (or a win at all for that matter).

Take all the publicity that we can get. Helps garner more attention for the program as a whole.

Too bad we now have to actually play the games and actually win them to actually win the A10.

[i]Originally posted by 49er1[/i]@Jul 26 2005, 04:05 PM [b] Too bad we now have to actually play the games and actually win them to actually win the A10. [/b]
Hell, that's going to be the fun part. Side note, I'm not one that thinks we're going to blaze through the schedule unbeaten. It wil be fun though.

This is great. Its been a long time since a basketball thread has been this positive. Lets start the season today!