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<!--QuoteBegin-49er1[/i]@Jul 26 2005, 04:05 PM [b] Too bad we now have to actually play the games and actually win them to actually win the A10. [/b] Hell, that's going to be the fun part. Side note, I'm not one that thinks we're going to blaze through the schedule unbeaten. It wil be fun though. [/b][/quote] It's going to be tough as hell. Count on it. If too much sweet stuff is said about us going in, the other teams are going to use it to their motivational advantage. Strap it on boys, it WILL be a bumpy ride this year. I hope so, because, if we stay healthy, the wars will only make us better by March. If we think we're going to waltz through this league, we'll take our lumps from teams we should NEVER lose to.

I can’t wait. I get to see a couple of games up here. I could see one more if anyone in the area wants (dares) to join me in the Bronx for a game at Forham. My wife refuses to go and would cut IT off if I went alone. The Bronx can’t be that bad, can it? Its a campus for God’s sake.