ESPN article on the new CUSA


Glad we are getting out of CUSA… must be depressing for Memphis and UAB fans.

Here is another ESPN article.

I like this quote:

[b]While Memphis has recently been proclaiming itself the winningest C-USA school in league games over the last four-plus seasons, it doesn't mention that Louisville, Marquette, Cincinnati, DePaul and Charlotte spent several years beating each other up twice within the same division. Memphis was on the other side with most of the league's weak sisters. [/b]

What was printed:

[b]"There was a lot of good in this league," Memphis coach John Calipari said. "But I don't blame the others.[/b]

What he really said:

[b]"All the good teams in this league are going," Memphis coach John Calipari said. "But I don't blame the others, I'd go too, except I'm a crappy coach with a crappy team. The amazing thing is in Memphis no one cares. The fans will believe any smoke I blow up their ass."[/b]

Memphis was a focus of the league? Cal has one NCAA appearance in 5 tries.

And no, they aren’t going to win the CUSA tournament. No way, no how.