ESPN commentators on Charlotte

“Charlotte is one of the best teams that doesn’t get any national recognition. They have great players like Basden (pronounced wrong) that no one has heard of. Plavich can shoot it with anybody.”

Yeah he must not have heard of him either since he can’t pronounce his name…

How did he pronounce it? You’d think it’s one of those that’s not that hard. I remember last year during the SLU game (I think it was SLU) the announcer kept calling him “Baahsden”(sort of a British accent).


I haven’t hear any Bobby Lutz(like “nuts”) pronunciations this year.

What about Jim, what’s his name… the old guy who called the throwback game against TCU with Coach Mullins… called BP “Pavlich” all night long. To make matters worse, Coach Mullins didn’t even bother to correct him… Coach even called him “Plaahhvic” some times… I dunno maybe Coach corrected Jim “off the air” as a courtesy, but the dude never bit…

At least Matas Niparavichisucus isn’t on the team anymore