Europe wins Ryder Cup.........again.

There is nothing else to say about the events at The K Club this past weekend other than…WE SUCK !!!

The lack of intestinal fortitude from the men representing the gold 'ole US of A has convinced me that we will not win AGAIN without some serious changes to the competition.

If the USA got 2 points (instead of 1) for each victory, we’d still lost. Perhaps, we should be allowed to include the rest of North America. Wonder if it’d help if the US would annex Fiji (Vijay Singh) or South Africa (Ernie Els).

Maybe its time to let the USA Captain make 12 “captains picks”, instead of just 2.

This is a great competition that is going down the tubes because the USA can’t prove they can compete (much less win).

yeah its disgusting…I think if they had the individual competition first then all the team play they may have an edge…change the momentum some.

the Ryder Cup comeback with the long Leonard putt right before Payne Stewart died, 1999?..that was one of the best sport moments of all time.

What really frustrated me was that one of US players (sorry, I don’t remember who) was patting the team on the back taking 7 of the 8 Friday matches to the 18th hole.

Was that an accomplishment? Sure, but when all was said and done they were still 2 points behind after Friday.

As far as Payne Stewart, he absolutely understood what this event meant. I hope our (USA) Ryder Cup spirit did not die with him.

Tiger is 6 under through 11 right now, 29 on the front…Where was this last week?

could he shoot 59?