exhibition games...

Since we can no longer play traveling all star teams such as global sports, and D2 schools seem to be the only option now, what teams would you like to see the Niners play in a preseason exhibition?

I would love to see an exhibition with Pfieffer, obviously because that is where Lutz came from and had so much success. And/or Queens University, they have a really good team every year.

Any other suggestions?

JC Smith is a good pick too. Wingate and Catawba would give some local flavor as well. Queens and JC Smith both would love to get a shot at us, even if it is just an exibition.

Do you guys remember when we played JC Smith the last time? I do. I don’t remember us being too kind to them either. I don’t know how they would take to being one of our tune-ups either.

[b]Do you guys remember when we played JC Smith the last time? I do. I don't remember us being too kind to them either. I don't know how they would take to being one of our tune-ups either. [/b]

Good point, their are one of the top Div. 2 teams so that would kinda of be a slap in their face(Queens too). When was the last time we played them though? Score?

I remember playing them in the Coliseum on Tyvola (probably in the early 90’s). The funniest thing about the game was a guy carrying around a sign that said:

“Beat Smiff”

The 49ers played Johnson C. Smith in the 1988-89 season, winning 98-71, and the other game was during the 1992-93 season, a 82-80 overtime squeaker. No games have been played against Catawba or Queens.

When Bobby was in High Point for the Jerry Steele gala, he told me about this mess. Our contract was signed with Global Sports already and we have appealed to the NCAA to allow that game since they are not involved with any part of the AAU. He expected it to be denied. And the replacement would likely be against Pfeiffer.

Bobby was not extremely excited about playing ANY Division II school, saying their inside games (even the top D-II squads) simply could not match up size wise against Division I programs, and therefore wouldn’t be a good test. Such likely will be the case when W-S State travels to play UNC-Chapel Hill and Wake Forest for exhibitions. A nice check for them but they’ll be severly outmanned and I doubt the coaching staffs will learn anything about their teams in those games.

For the record, we’re 0-2 against the Falcons, both games were played back in 1970.

With all due respect to the Coach, the preseason exhibitions haven’t been much of a test for us for some time. The last time I can remember one of any consequence was during Henry Williams freshman season when we lost to a Yugoslavian national team. I can still see High Flyin’ taking the last shot of the game (a la Michael Jordan vs. Georgetown for the NC) for the W in the Mine Shaft and the shot clanking off the rim.

Anyway, at least a game against JC Smith, Queens, Pfieffer, Lenoir-Rhyne, Catawba, etc. would generate some sort of local interest and put a few more people in the stands. Who knows, we might even pick up a few fans along the way.

If Lutz wants a test, then he should schedule Lubbock Christian, the NAIA school from Texas that beat Rhode Island and Bradley last season… :rolleyes:


UNCA can be our exhibition game

How about a game against Winthrop ???

BoA, Winthrop would be a great game and might even draw more interest in the Charlotte area than a Charlotte-Davidson contest these days. However, I don’t think Bobby or Judy want a home & home with them and they would want a guarantee of more than what we generally pay.

“Buy games” would be a great topic to discuss here. NC A&T was getting about $90,000 for road games this season. High Point received $30,000 for a game at Rupp Arena 2 years ago and will get a large payout with trips this season too (and lose money on the Alaska trip).

“Buy” games have gone out the roof. Some schools are paying upwards of $60-70k per game. Makes it hard to get ANYONE to come for less than $40k, and then only if the travel is cheap.

Are we ever going to get into a preseason tourney again? Why don’t we ever get into the pre-season NIT or Coaches vs Cancer? Can’t remember the last time we were in a preseason tourney, wasn’t it Cocida at state?

Some coaches don’t like pre-season tournaments. When Dave Odom was at Wake Forest he often avoided pre-season tournaments due to fear of a big early season loss. Bobby may be the same.