Fall Camp Observations

Feel free to share on Fall Camp

I took the girls camping last Thursday at Julian Price Memorial Lake Campground and we had a great time. Lows in evenings were in the 50’s. Bought a Cabellas Outback Lodge tent for trip and enjoyed that too. Caught a river trout during a long hike. Been a while, but we hope to mountain camp again soon.

Football camp! :smiley: But that is a sweet tent. My buddy that I go camping with has one.


clt likes this one .

My thoughts on today’s practice:

Man. I thought durning did a great job, so this is no slight at him, but our team has put on some serious muscle. You can tell they are on a mission.

Terrick Smalls is a talent. Look for his numbers to improve this year.

Our first unit on the DL is a talented bunch. We opened with Horne, doctor, Harris and highsmith today. Secondary looks solid as well.

We are going to run the ball a lot, and in a lot of unconventional ways. I hope we keep it as vanilla as possible v Gardner Webb so that we can surprise some folks.

Victor tucker got better. He was all over the place today. Thought he was the best player on the field. I was also really impressed with the two freshman wideouts. Noah Henderson and Elder (I cant spell his first name.) Noah had a big drop today, but you can tell that’s not the norm. Noah is physical and runs crisp routes. Elder can outrun a deer.

Roberson from Mississippi state is HUGE and has good hands.

QB will be all about ball control. I thought at different times Reynolds and Kean both looked very good. Kean got more reps with the 1s today. Kean is bigger, faster and stronger than Reynolds. His frame is much bigger and he has more arm talent. He took care of the ball today very well, but didn’t press down the field much. When kean does go down the field, he can really spin it. Several good throws today. You can tell he’s still building chemistry with the wideouts.

Reynolds flat out doesn’t make bad decisions with the football. You can tell he’s a student of the game. He was much more aggressive than kean today, and had some great balls down the field. He’s also a gritty scrambler. You can tell he has busted his rear end in the offseason. He will be a tough out for the starting job.

This is absolutely the most talented we’ve been at the quarterback position. Our 3rd string guy was the backup at Miami two years ago. Kean’s presence has really pushed Reynolds and it’s making both of them better.


And thanks for posting all that Clayton. How did the OL look? Probably couldn’t tell too much in shoulder pads and helmets but who’s battling at right tackle? I know there have been some concerns expressed about our DL but that’s a sold four. Not sure what we have behind them but really like the front-line guys.

I thought very similar to DL the first unit was great, and after that we struggled. I’ll be honest and tell you I didn’t think to look at who was playing right tackle. Hand up there.

Thanks for the report for those of us who can’t make it to the practices.

I also appreciate these reports from camp, and what I am hearing is great. I love the enthusiasm everyone mentions. What a change!


I don’t know anything about football, but comparing with years past, those practices seemed like buds casually throwing the ball around in the backyard vs. energy and urgency now.

Why are there so may heat related issues? With no pads and just shells the first three day, there have been a lot of guys sitting out with heat related issues. Isn’t the summer a time get the athletes prepared for camp? Even in the 1st Day video of practice the Head Ball Coach said they weren’t in shape for a 2 hr practice. Wasn’t someone sent off in an ambulance today?

Ummmm. I didn’t see that if I happened.

“Energy and excitement “ ain’t shit if our guys are not in shape.

We’re deep there but dang, hope it isn’t required.

He injured it in SPRING practice and they still don’t know if surgery is required?

He might be reporting news that hasn’t been updated yet. I think we’ll know a lot more in new ways come Monday. Just a hunch.

I’ve seen a couple of quotations that contradict this but looks like “maybe” platooning QBs is an option.

We should have kept Lambert.

We have a long way to go before the 29th.

Micaleous Elder looks like he could have a ton of potential, kid was open ALL day long.

Noah Henderson ran some great routes and was almost uncoverable in one-on-one drills.

Kean can spin it, I think his arm strength could serve him well when plays break down. Reynolds moves well, but struggles more throwing “off-platform”.

I don’t see QB as 3 way race, it’s Reynolds or Kean, and I’m still in the mindset Kean will be given every chance to win.

I spent most of my time watching QB’s and WR’s.

Pads go on on Monday, tomorrow is a day off.

Healy made the defense redo a team celebration after an interception. He was not pleased with the lack of excitement after the turnover was created. :grimacing: