Fans return to Halton on Jan 26th 🏀


Glad we’ve stopped clowning around with the “no fans” garbage. We look so small time while Duke and Carolina have full houses.


It didn’t make sense when we saw packed arenas all over the country and even down the street as the Hornets were selling out the Spectrum Center. Even other schools like Duke that had delayed in person classes figured out how to get fans in the stands. I wonder how much money we lost?


I really like Hill, I think he makes pretty good decisions but this is one of those things that looks pretty bad on a national stage. Glad we’re already in the AAC because this is the kind of thinking that got ODU where it is today.

I doubt this was up to Mike Hill. Thankfully it only was a couple of home games.


So looking forward to getting to see a game in person. Think I will loudly advocate during the game for crashing the boards and trying to get rebounds on offense. It could be the difference in winning and losing. I’m pretty much convinced of it.


clt says haltron should have fans. they built it specifically to do that.

Who do you think made the decision? The chancellor?

The chancellor made the call for no in person classes. That closed campus for everything so that everything was treated equally. No events were held for students, conferences, continuing education, games - nothing, AD wasnt a part of the process. The chancellor said thru the 24th. Everything is now returning to normal.

I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the drive from Belmont tonight.

If I can make the drive from Hickory you can drive from Belmont

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Haha Can and want to are two different things :slight_smile:

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I’m sitting tonight out. Will be watching on ESPN+ though.

OK I have decided I will make the trek - but its mostly just so I can get outta the house.


clt asks who has more fans in attendance tonite? Charlotte or Davidson?

bet we have 6000 and they have 3500

I will take the under on 6,000.


Had an offer to go to the Davidson vs VCU game but I’ll be in Halton. Go Niners!