Okay . . . I watch all these other games on TV and love how everyone wears the same color and most of the time the same shirt!

Why can’t we get a shirt made that is possibly sold through the ticket office that everyone wears? Why do the fraternities and sororities suck so much? I saw a frat guy with a sign (that’s good) and he was wearing a Texas t-shirt last night. That is the most ridiculous thing ever.

It really disappoints me when the student section looks like crap. We cove every color of the rainbow when we should just represent one . . . GREEN! And one shade of green at that. Even crappy colleges do a better job than our students.

What can be done? Should it come from the ticket office? How do other schools do it? Please help!!!


PS. The U-N-C-C chant is SO much better than the N-I-N-E-R-S chant. That was proved last night!

Keep preaching Q… the red t-shirts that several were wearing bothered me.

The dog just got kicked again.

the dead horse has been beat.

Where’s the guy with the “Beating a Dead Horse” picture???

Well we can all say it sucks and blah, blah, blah, but seriously . . . something needs to get done. We look like idiots. The frats and sorities are more worried about how they look.

The question is what can be done? Someone here has connections, call the ticket office. Do something.

You answered the first question of the test in the third sentence of your post. Until they change, the other stuff WON’T happen.

[i]Originally posted by QCITY9er[/i]@Jan 27 2005, 09:20 AM [b] PS. The U-N-C-C chant is SO much better than the N-I-N-E-R-S chant. That was proved last night! [/b]
It does sound better, but since athletics is just Charlotte, you know.....

not that simple man. cant snap your fingers and make everyone green, or not allow people inside that arent wearing green. its a fans choice. and until they chose to wear it…

To be fair, this was retro night and a lot of 104 chose to deck out in suits rather than sport the usual “Niner Nation” shirts. During any other home game the first few rows are almost all green and that is what gets seen on TV when the ball is brought up court. Last night was a lot more scattered than it usually is, see how we look for the Cinci game.

And I did see that one of the sororities had green coller shirts made(the right color green!!!), hopefully that is a start for the rest of 105 to follow.