Fantasy Football anyone?

I put this out a few months ago, and a few of you either gave me an e-mail address but didn’t let me know which team, or told me which team but gave me no address.

I still have three teams left to fill this league, and if anybody else wants in I can give you an expansion team.

It’s a five-player keeper league, the lock date is Wednesday the 20th and the draft (live, online) is the 31st at 10:30.

The teams available are:

[B][U]Team 1[/U][/B]: 1st draft pick
Eli Manning (Giants); Steven Jackson (Rams); Willis McGahee (Ravens); Reggie Bush (Saints); Lee Evans (Bills); Roy Williams (Lions); Kellen Winslow (Browns); Nate Kaeding (Bolts); Marion Barber (Cowboys); Ahman Green (Texans); Laveranues Coles (Jets); Joey Galloway (Bucs); Jerricho Cotchery (Jets); Vincent Jackson (Bolts); Jerry Porter (Jags); Jason Witten (Cowboys); Broncos D/ST
[COLOR=White][B][U]Team 2[/U][/B]: 4th draft pick
Marc Bulger (Rams); Brian Westbrook (Eagles); Kenny Watson (Bengals); Calvin Johnson (Lions); Anquan Boldin (Cards); Kevin Curtis (Eagles); Dallas Clark (Colts); Phil Dawson (Browns); Shaun Alexander (FA); Maurice Jones-Drew (Jags); Marshawn Lynch (Bills); Tony Romo (Cowboys); Dwqayne Bowe (Chiefs); Ryan Grant (Packers); Kurt Warner (Cards); Browns D/ST; Giants D/ST[/COLOR]
[B][U]Team 3[/U][/B]: 6th draft pick
Derek Anderson (Browns); Joseph Addai (Colts); Adrian Peterson (Bears); Randy Moss (Pats); Plaxico Burress (Giants); Greg Jennings (Packers); Antonio Gates (Bolts); Nick Folk (Cowboys); Willie Parker (Steelers); Chad Johnson (Bengals); Warrick Dunn (Bucs); Donte’ Stallworth (Browns); John Kasay (Panthers); Joe Jurevicius (Browns); Jason Campbell (Redskins); Chargers D/ST; Packers D/ST[/COLOR]

*Team 1 and 3 both have been asked for, but nobody has claimed them yet. If you ask for them and the ‘owner’ claims the team before I can send you the invite, I’ll add teams as needed.

edit: the draft is Sunday the 31st, not the 30th. If you aren’t available, you can set up an autopick list and the computer will do it for you.

I’ll take team 2…

[QUOTE=ShaGGy;332702]I’ll take team 2…[/QUOTE]


bump… anybody else want to play?

im in

pm me your e-mail address