FAU Owls Game 1/12



We are 350/351 in ncaa assists. Awful. Do better.


You gotta pass to get assist.


Gotta make shots to get assists.


We have one player who can reliably score. He is also the one player we have handling the ball. That means not many assists.


Davis is shooting 42%. McGill younger Martin and Robb are all shooting 40-38%. When your offense runs through one guy who shoots basically same percentage as rest of team you need to try something else.


When you have basically half a team your choices of something else isn’t very extensive.

My only question with the shot clock violations is if the players are scared to shoot for fear of getting yelled at or if they are being instructed to not start the offense until a later point in the clock. We seem to pass up decent shots early in the clock.


I think it is the latter. The only way we compete with the number of players we have is to reduce the number of possessions.


Great win! First home loss for FAU this season and first ever Niner win in Boca Raton. And first road win for Niners!


Can’t believe how happy I am for this win.


Great game to watch. A true team effort!


can anybody who watched the game give some insight into how our offense and defense looked? impressive how sanchez has these guys motivated and playing hard.


Having Cooper Robb back helped as he had six rebounds and five assists. Now if we can get Martin well.


They pretty much played the same as previous couple of games overall. Just less turnovers and guys hitting open shots in the 2nd half. McGill hit some big 3s when he was open.

I watched the last couple of Virginia games and you can definitely see the similarities in play. The announcers stated that Virginia just wears teams out. I see the similarities at the end of the game where we can come from behind. Virginia was up by around 4 at half today, but won by 20. I want to see us do that in CUSA.


i see us being able to do that soon. we will have a 12 or 13 schollie team next season and should be able to play in your face, tough defense for forty minutes.


Ball movement much better on offense, against a team that wasn’t as dedicated to harassing you on defense. It was mix of those factors, a little extra diligence by the guys, and Robb had a few nice passes.

Younger I thought had a really solid game. If the signees are on par with him, we will have some talent and length.

McGill gets some love too. Nice shooting performance tonight.

JD - couple bad turnovers, but 9/11 from floor is awesome.



Upcoming at Halton:

Thursday, January 17th vs Southern Miss, 7pm

Saturday, January 19th vs LA Tech, 4pm

Monday, January 21st vs ODU, 4pm


What is up with Mangum, only one point? In the dog house?


I am pretty sure he got hurt in the game but kept playing.


Ok, word. Did not watch, was writing the whole time, only saw the box score.