Favorite Niner of all time, by position

I have done this before, but it’s been a long time, and we’ve gained a ton of new members since the last time I started this thread.

I’ll start off…

pg - Sean Colson
sg - Jobey
sf - Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!
pf/c - Cam Stephens
c - Kenkay Jones

Walkon - Chris Dwiggins

g - Keith Williams
g - John Gullikson
f - Melvin Johnson
f - Leroy Smith
c - Ray Gromowicz (sp?)

6th man - Scott Wissel or Eddie Basden

walkon - Travis Gordon

HC - Mike Pratt

Not necessarily by position but my five:

Jarvis Lang
Henry Williams
Sean Colson
Demarco Johnson
Cam Stephens

I’ll do mine with players from 1999 (when I really started following the team) to now:

F - Cam Stephens
F - Eddie Basden
C - Curtis Withers
G - Jobey Thomas
G - Sean Colson

Bench (in no particular order):
Demon Brown
James Zimmerman
Diego Guevara
KenKay Jones
Matas Niparavicius
Calvin Clemmons
Brendan Plavich

pg: melvin, colson
sg: jobey, diego, henry
sf: basden, galen
pf: bassinger, price
c: corn, heyward

pg - Colson
sg- Jobey
sf- Eddie
pf- Demarco
C-Phil Jones

Favorites? (not “best”)

pg - Diego
sg - Henry
sf - Eddie
pf - Jarvis
c - Demarco

Colson, Jobey, Rodney, Galen, Cam, Curtis & Kelvin Price would “come off the bench” for me. Leemire could work his way into the rotation with a great senior season. “Bookworm” Parker would be on the practice squad along with Tremaine Gardner, James Zimmerman, & #45.

I wasn’t around enough to be a Dinkins fan, and I was too young for most of the others. Henry Williams is the best Niner I’ve ever seen, including Rodney. He could start for any college team, any where, any time.

Henry Williams - All-Time Fav

Colson - PG
Henry - SG
J.Parker - C
J. Lang - PF
Basden - SF

No love for Tremaine Gardener? He did a little bit of everything and always did it well. Used to like watching him play.

DeMarco, Colsen, KP, Basden and Jobey.

Favorite player - Henry Williams

pg - Byron Dinkins/Sean Colson
sg - Jobey Thomas/Doego Guevara/Jeff West/brendan plavich
sf - galen young/eddie basden
pf - jarvis lang/demarco johnson
center - alex keuhl/cornbread maxwell

PG Sean Colson
SG Jobey Thomas
SF Galen Young
PF Demarco Johnson
C Kelvin Price

Off the bench would be Diego, Cam, and Eddie.

My favorites in order:

Demarco Johnson
Charles Heyward
Galen Young
Eddie Basden
Kelvin Price
Curtis Withers
Jobey Thomas
Diego Guevara

My starting 5:

PG Colson
SG Jobey
SF Galen
PF Demarco

This list only includes the players I have personally seen play, and not those thay play prior to the 89-90 season.

PG - Sean Colson
SG - Henry Williams
SF - Eddie Basden
PF - Jarvis Lang
C - DeMarco Johnson (some may say he is a PF, but I had to get both Jarvis and him in the list)


Brendan Plavich

with Butter, Lee, and Matas

PG-H Williams
SG- Jobey
SF- Eddie Basden
PF- Jarvis Lang
C- Heyward

I know Henry was not a PG but he and Jobey are my all-time favorites so I had to make room somewhere and he played the point more than Jobey.

PG Keith Williams
SG Henry Williams
C Cedric Maxwell
PF Jarvis Lang
SF Eddie Basden

I’m too new to Niner Nation to have many favorites and certainly can’t go by position. But my order is:
#1) Leemire Goldwire
#2) Leemire Goldwire
#3) Curtis Withers
#4) EJ Drayton
#5) Norm

Dinkins, H. Williams, Jarvis Lang, Demarco Johnson, and probably melvin johnson

I wasn’t around for the 70’s teams.

Even though he caught a lot of flack when he struggled, I still like M. Baldwin (particularly when he would
turn on the jets).

There’s others I might put up, but I can’t remember their names. Anybody know of sites with old rosters on it? Or maybe some of the history pre-90’s?

PG - Rod Howard
SG - Shanderic Downs
SF - Galen Young
PF - DeMarco Johnson
C - Alex Kuehl