February signing day 2023

Next Signing Day is February 1st. While players can continue signing afterwards, this should be the time that we see the most of our remaining verbals sign.

Here is an updated list of verbals awaiting signing:

A Name Height Weight POS Last School
1 Luke Hill 5’11 180 DB Oregon
2 Randy Fields 6’3 185 WR West Virginia
3 Jalen Carter 6’4 230 Edge St Francis University
4 Sam Thomas 6’0 234 LB Kent State
5 Austin Johnson 6’4 260 IOL Colorado
6 Andrew Jacobs 5’11 190 WR South Dakota
7 Nico Crawford 6’1 250 LS Illinois
8 Alonzo “Ace” Colvin 6’2 225 DB Ellsworth CC
9 Demetrius Knight 6’2 210 LB Ga Tech
10 Clinton Burton 5’11 170 CB Boston College
11 Dontae Balfour 6’2 170 CB UNC
12 Ike Wight 5’11 180 WR Minnesota
13 Ja’khi Green 6’6 320 OT Maryland
14 Emmanuel Balogun 6’7 240 DL Marshall
15 Kevin Williams 6’5 332 OL Nebraska
16 Eyabi Okie 6’5 245 Edge Michigan
17 Jordan Daniels 6’5 275 OL Akron
18 Andrew Adair 6’4 310 OL JMU
19 Jaden Bradley 6’4 190 WR Pitt
20 Jack Hestera 6’0 180 WR Colorado
21 Breon Noel 5’11 190 CB St Francis PA
22 Grant Gonya 6’2 195 P John Carroll U
23 Ja’Qualyn Greene 6’0 175 DB San Jose CC
24 Julius Welschof 6’6 248 DE Michigan
25 Tymere Burton 6’2 225 LB South Gwinnett
26 Duane Thomas 5’8 170 WR Hollywood, FL
27 Jalon Jones 6’3 205 QB Bethune Cookman
28 Kyle Cunanan 5’10 174 K Sunnyslope, AZ
29 Jake Larson 5’11 165 K Richmond
30 Greg Hudgins 6’4 226 Edge Purdue

Plus several more offers that went out since December which could be committed on. I haven’t listed those.

I will say that I don’t think all of the commitments above are still viable. Especially the ones that did not sign last cycle after already being committed (the first 9 names).

We did lose RB Dylan McDuffie to Kansas too.

Edit - Removed LB David Santiago per Tweet looking elsewhere.


David Santiago posted on twitter a few weeks back he was looking elsewhere.

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The dynamics are changing rapidly. Do these guys desire to compete against talented teammates to earn their playing time? Based on our new guys, I think yes, most of the guys in consideration to sign in February would welcome competition that makes them and their football teams winners in 2023. However, some might instead go onto Kansas

Thanks for that. I figure there are a few more of those.

Please feel free to submit any corrections or updates that you find. I welcome the collaboration!

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Do we know if the AD will be setting up the web site again for our February signings?

I’m guessing probably so, but we will still try to catch all of them in this thread anyway. I forgot how many of them there would likely be. Even if 10 or so don’t sign, it’s still going to be a lot.

I have to think and hope if a recruit is waffling, the HBO thing and exposure can help push him back in our direction.


David Santiago, whom previously committed to the Niners under Healy, is now committed to Air Force.

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I would have expected a bit more chatter around this topic with National Signing Day tomorrow. Is that because we don’t have to worry about last min flips? We always have a few, everyone does. That is an awful lot of sig’s that need to come in tomorrow. IMHO

I think we are preoccupied with criticizing Sanchez, defending Sanchez, or criticizing and defending Sanchez in a somewhat bipolar way

I would not be surprised to see a couple of flips. I hope not though.


Honestly? I was trying to get caught up at work because I figured I would get nothing done tomorrow. :sunglasses:

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And by we, I mean Mom and me, in her basement, of course. Mom can read minds, but she seems to be a bit dyslexic.

Yeah, flips from Saban to the Niners maybe

Dude, get your priorities straight, nothing should come before NNN :slight_smile: actually I am a beneficiary on this topic and most. I don’t have the time or capacity to keep up with all the transactions and changes. Just depend on others, which is terrible I know. As always I don’t thank those who do keep up with this and other stuff enough.

Elvis is leaving the confessional booth


clt says cancel all meetings tomorrow,

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Lets go!!! Signing day! Lets get some more Niners signed and some players flipped to us!


:star::star::star: 84 Per 247.

At Chaminade-Madonna: Accomplished receiver for one of the best programs in Florida … Lions were ranked fourth in the state in 2022; fifth in 2021 … 2022 FHSAA 1M State Champions … went 13-1 with an unbeaten record in the regular season and state playoffs … posted a 48-14 win over Clearwater Central Catholic in state title game … lone loss came in post-season national game to Bishop Gorman of Las Vegas … 2021 FHSAA 3A State Champions … went 21-1 and topped Berkeley Prep, 21-0, in state title game … had 606 receiving yards with six touchdowns as a senior… added 287 rushing yards and four TDs … totaled 10 TDs … averaged 46.6 receiving yards/game and 17.3 yards per catch as a senior … over 1,300 yards from scrimmage as a junior: 771 receiving yards with 575 rushing yards … had seven TDs (4 rec.; 3 rush) … averaged 59.3 receiving yards per game and 14.4 yards per catch in 2021 … two-star recruit by Rivals.