"First" impressions of our team

Since there’s a number of threads, I figure I’ll just start another one.
This was my first game I’ve seen this season. First time I’ve seen Nance,
Goldwire, EJ, etc. So consider it my true “first” impression. I guess I know when to pick 'em. heh.

I thought our defense sucked, as usual. A bit disappointing. It looked like our backcourt was pressing too hard, trying to get steals when there were none and that left their guys wide open underneath. We seemed to do okay when we packed it in with a 2-3 zone, though. I can now understand a lot of the comments about scrapping all the defense we play and only going with 1 or 2.
As for our full court pressing, I liked it for the most part. We came really close to getting a few 10 seconds calls but unfortunately that turned into lay ups. That’s what happens when you press, it remains to be seen if it’ll be worthwhile later on or not.

I didn’t really like Plav’s shot selection for most of the game. Then again, it wasn’t too surprising. I’d say there were probably 3 or 4 bad shots, the rest I was comfortable with. Of course the last two were the best. :wink: I will say this, that kid is fearless ('cept at the FT line) when it comes down to closing time. Sort of reminds me of Diego a bit. I’ll take a guy like that on my team any time, even if it means a few bad shots here and there.

I was really disappointed in Withers. 0 points at the half? WTH? He made a number of strong plays and big rebounds, but it just seems like he isn’t at full speed. To me, his turnover when we were up by 3 with about a minute left is what made the game so close. Not Plav’s missed 3’s or Bobby’s T.

Nance might be my new favorite Niner. Just like the way the guy looks, his movement on the court (seeing Goldwire hit him underneath for an easy dunk was very nice), his effort. Really like that kid.
Goldwire, too. He’s going to be great. He probably took a bad shot or two and I know he made at least one sloppy turnover, but he also created shots for other people when it mattered. We haven’t had someone like that in a while. If he tones down his shooting, he is going to be really, really good.

I like that Iti seems fired up this season. From hearing the games and then finally getting to see him play, he just seems more basketball mature (I don’t mean emotionally, as his yelling at a ref last night was pretty stupid). He goes after more shots/rebounds, he plays stronger. Big difference from last season, where I had to just hope he’d get the ball and dunk it.

All in all, I still really like this team. By far the deepest and most talented team I think I’ve seen. Sure, we’ve got some things to work on, but we have a chance to be really, really dangerous. We’ve only got 2 losses, even if we got a bit lucky last night.

EDIT: Forgot to add, even though this was against Indy (who aren’t known for being big and bulky), we really look in shape/built this season. Usually we have a few guys who are ripped and the rest are pudgy/lean. This time, we look mean. I like that.

[i]Originally posted by Florida49er[/i]@Dec 23 2004, 10:16 AM [b] To me, his turnover when we were up by 3 with about a minute left is what made the game so close.


Exactly, why does he continue to get the ball above the free throw line, and then try to dribble? Get your big arse on the block and stay there.

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