FNZ: Penner and Mac calling us out...

Say we’re skeerd, trying to get people to call their punkass show while games are in progress now. I may be the only chump listening to this junk and not watching games (I’m at work on my “lunch hour”). They’re trying really hard to stir us up bY belittling our courage and saying we’re entering this game with “trepidation”. THEY’RE BEGGING!!! WHAT A HOOT!!! :biglaugh: :biglaugh:

Yeah, they’ve been doing this for the past week or so. Not that I actually listen, I just happen across it scanning the dial. They’re always saying something along the lines of “Charlotte fans must not care - they’re not calling it. That shows you how they are.” I called in a few days ago to say that most real Niner fans had stopped listening to FNZ. Somehow, that call never made it to the air, though.

Penner & Mac are pro-Niners. At this point, we need to just shut-up and play. Get it done on the court. Then, everyone else will do the talking.

the sensentive little girls will post within seconds, " i hate when you mention that station we don’t care about it. “you called us the forty whiners, leave us alone”

come on people quit acting like pansies, quit getting your feelings hurt over everything said on the radio.

Yeah, “Niner fans don’t care”…don’t care about listening to their dull show as does the rest of the city according to their ratings.

I like Penner/Mac. Sandy has always been very pro-Niner despite being a huge Cuse fan. I just opt to turn that station off at 2:59pm.

It’s a slow week at the office for them with not much going on, and now most people are listening to the games. They’re just trying to make some coin and get some calls.

The people that constantly call in those shows are even more pathetic than those who constantly post on college bball boards.

“Hello this Pot, can you put Kettle on the line?”