Food Safety Concerns at BofA Stadium, TWC Arena

Saw this on Outside the lines and sportscenter tonight

Bank of America Stadium
Carolina Panthers
Vendors with critical violations: 55%
Inspection report excerpt: Inspectors witnessed employees at several locations improperly keeping personal drink cups near food prep and saw one worker eating from a fryer basket.

RBC Center
Carolina Hurricanes
Vendors with critical violations: 67%
Inspection report excerpt: Inspectors cited one vendor after watching employees handle raw, breaded chicken while loading fryers and then handling cooked food without changing gloves or washing hands. The employees placed cooked chicken back in the same container used to pre-portion raw chicken before cooking.

Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte Bobcats
Vendors with critical violations: 73%
Inspection report excerpt: At one location, inspectors found debris under a slicer blade and pulled three pans that needed to be cleaned again.
any one else have any horror stories from eating at these venues…felt sick at Halton a few times but it wasn’t from the food

Tailgating usually prevents me from buying any food at BofA Stadium. I may purchase a beer or 2 on game days (depending on how the game is going). That’s about it.

fixed. :smiley:

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You’re right. It’s a combination of the 2 I guess.

I imagine if food inspectors checked out practices people took during tailgating, it would be just as bad.

While some of the stuff you posted isn’t great, it’s not OMG HE SPIT IN MY GOOD gross. Personal drinks near food? Eh. Not that big of a deal.

If that’s the worse thing that ever happens at a BofA Stadium concession stand, they’ll be fine. On the other hand, the raw chicken issue at RBC is fairly scary.

I used to do a Food Show where we cooked and sampled for the masses. Trust me, things happen, it’s usually no big deal.

We tried to be clean, but when things go so fast, sh!t happens. Especially after the afternoon break of 3 hrs and 8 beers.