Football recruiting changes

I saw that the NCAA is trying to approve a Dec signing period starting this year if approved in the next few months. The June signing period was voted down, but they are going to work on one for Aug-Oct timeframe like the one currently for basketball.

I think the one for Dec will help G5 schools not to lose so many kids at the last minute like we did with the QB this year. If kids wait, then they could be locked out of schools since they are also putting a firm 25 scholarships per year in place. The kids it will hurt the worse are the ones still waiting for grades since they are usually not approved till late Jan early Feb. If schools sign 20 in early signing, then they can then focus on the positions with the last few spots.

I think the P5 schools will be hurt over the short-term till they figure out how to manage since they will still be playing in bowls and not sure how many kids are turning pro. Hope it helps us land a few more quality guys and not lose them the last week to a flip.

I’m a big fan of the December signing period and 25 scholarship limit. Both of these will be huge for the G-5, I get dizzy when I try to follow all the different color “shirts” that are used to get around the limit at the moment.

I don’t really want to see another assistant added, football is expensive enough without creating another position.