Football Schedule news

A home and home series with Ole Miss has been added in 2026 and 2027. The home game will be the 2026 game. A series against a SEC opponent is always good news.

The same announcement included the news the 2021 game against FCS foe Duquesne has been replaced with a game against Gardner Webb. A game against an opponent who’s 50 miles away will draw more fans and local media coverage.


As the son of an Ole Miss alum, I’m geeked about this one.
Oxford is the best town you’ll go to as a visitor (unless you are from Arky or LSU).
The hospitality is top notch, the grove is amazing and the eye candy is next level.

I’ve always wanted to see game day at “The Grove” now I have an excuse to go. Also we are hosting an SEC school at home which is another milestone for the program.

I am curious and do not know the answer to this, has App or ECU hosted an SEC school at home?

App the answer is most definitely no as Miami is only big school I know of and they were in a pinch to find a game.

ECU I would assume had South Carolina in Greenville at some point or another.

100% in for the road trip.

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clt says stadium expansion to SEC level confirmed

Soooo excited!!! Goosebumps

Damn, ole miss at home will be pretty cool. Is it likely to happen or what’s odds they buy it out?

Game is here first so the odds are in our favor.

When Lane Kiffin is your coach, he can cut and run when someone makes him an offer, he can get fired on the runway as the team’s charter plane lands, or he could put them on a decade long probation.

Ole Miss plays one of the toughest conference schedules in FBS. They aren’t buying their way out of the game at Charlotte. They’d have to find a FBS game to replace it on short notice.

Ole Miss had David Cutcliffe as their head coach and had 4 good years when Eli Manning was there. They went 4-8 the year after he graduated. The Chancellor and AD called Cutcliffe in, didn’t like his answers as to why they took a step backwards, and fired him. They’ve treaded water since.

Mississippi has 3.15 million people and 3 FBS programs. North Carolina would need 10 to have a similar ratio of FBS programs to people.

So excited!!