Football tv question

Will someone in Western NC be able to stream the game Saturday at all?

[quote=“Ruckus42, post:1, topic:28163”]Will someone in Western NC be able to stream the game Saturday at all?[/quote]I don’t know if this has already been posted, or what the actual answer to your question is, but I’d recommend contacting the Athletic Department. It seems the games are on Dish Network (I think that’s what previous posters said), but they’re showing the games in DC and in the Triad

Here’s an email we got yesterday:

[size=2][font=Verdana]I wanted to pass along that [/font][font=Verdana][i]UNCC Football has a Triad home![/i][/font][/size] [size=2]East Coast Wings has agreed to show all 6 home games this year at four of their restaurants. If you don't have tickets to the games or do not plan on going to Charlotte for the festivities, please visit the closest East Coast Wings and join fellow 49ers. [/size]

[size=2]Below are the addresses of the East Coast Wings - 3 in Forsyth County and 1 in Guilford County.[/size]

[size=2]1) 5014 Peters Creek Parkway Winston-Salem[/size]
[size=2]2) 4880 Country Club Road Winston-Salem[/size]
[size=2]3) 800 North Main Street, Unit J, Kernersville[/size]
[size=2]4) 1579 A-B New Garden Road, Greensboro[/size]

[size=2]I also, have a favor to ask. Please, take a moment and forward this email to your fellow 49ers that you know in the Triad area and/or post the information on your Facebook Page. UNCC will send an email to all email addresses they have. Their list is not complete and that is why I am trying to get a grassroots efforts started.[/size]

UNC Charlotte
For fans without tickets, you may view the games live on WCCB-TV or at the theater in the Student Union. For the season opener on Aug. 31 fans may watch a live webcast beginning at 9:00am at Kickoff is at noon. Ticketing information and other football related content may be found at the University’s athletics site

Fans may also keep up with the game on our Facebook and Twitter: @UNCCharlotte. You can follow all the Twitter conversations at #CharlotteKickoff13

Any update on the streaming of the game? Here in WNC and I need to stream it.

In response to C49er’spost above for Triad viewing, a late email yesterday from the University. No viewing at the East Coast Wings locations.

Inaugural Charlotte 49er Football Game Viewing Options

Saturday, August 31

East Coast Wings has notified us that they will be unable to show the games in the Triad area as originally announced.

You can still view all of the exciting action from campus! University Communications plans to present a live Webcast from campus on Saturday, August 31, aimed at helping alumni and friends of UNC Charlotte who aren’t able to attend the opening of 49er Football experience this historic day.

The Webcast will be delivered in HD and will be viewable on mobile devices, personal computers, and TVs connected to the Internet - simply visit to view this exciting Webcast!

Beginning at 9:00 a.m., the Webcast will go live with wide shots of campus, so viewers can see how the big day takes shape against the familiar backdrop of campus. Then, at 11 a.m. a live program with interviews from key locations, including the Alumni, student, and public tailgating areas will be presented. Also plan to be shown: the first of an exciting tradition—the team walk to the stadium, recorded earlier that morning, along with a segment with Coach Lambert, Judy Rose, and Chancellor Dubois. And, of course, much, much more. The live pre-game Webcast will segue into a live stream of the game.