For CharlotteAlum...due to a locked thread

[b]It referred to you and the fact that for your *situation* (happy?) that you should act as a responsible and mature adult, which clearly from your actions on this board (yes your actions on a internet messageboard) show that you do no such. [/b]

Who are you my mom?? Thanks for the help but I’m doing just fine without your intervention. Again, you show just how foolish you are by judging me through reading my posts. Classy.

[b]Do you not understand that I am a woman?!? [/b]

I don’t care what you are and it is not my job to determine that. Your gender does not make one bit of difference except prove the fact that I never threatened you with physical violence.
So because you’re a woman you should be allowed to go along acting like a bitch and I should have to take it??

[b]I don't want my husband to get involved in this petty argument. [/b]

Is that a threat?? Look everyone, CharlotteAlum is threatening me? I’m going to call the police.

[b]You should have more respect to women[/b]

You should have more respect for peoples personal lives and other women, like my wife.

[b]I was the innocent party while you were the foul mouth, trash talking instigator.[/b]

I beleive you instigated me but don’t let the facts get in the way of your story.

[b] He would PM me until I got tired of his antics and stopped responding, and then a couple of days later out of the blue he would start again.[/b]

There’s another lie.

[b] So don't think that you'll ever get the last word, I certainly don't expect to. So go ahead pi, tell me how I'm wrong, that I'm this word, or that word, I hope it makes you feel better. [/b]

Well, I guess I should just let you write a novel full of lies and conjecture then sit back and forget about it. Doesn’t work that way.

[b] You are then one that threatened me[/b]


BTW, you know we have a mutual friend? You can feel free to take this up with me in person any time otherwise just shut your pie hole.

Yeah ain’t nobody talking when 49erPi is talking.

[i]Originally posted by Ron Johnson[/i]@Jan 7 2005, 09:40 AM [b] Yeah ain't nobody talking when 49erPi is talking. [/b]
Tell em Ron.

Shouldn’t you be working?

Oh I am at least until 11 am.