Foreign Niners

Think through our recent foreign players (particularly big men) and what a disappointment.
Wade Helliwell- One year on the bench and then gone
Matas Niparavicious- The famous “fade away” three point shot- transferred after
two seasons of no playing time
Malik El Tamer- Didn’t even make it through half a season
Oussaynou Kane- One year and never returned to the U.S.
And now Martin Iti- One year head case and off to JUCO

Any more?
The only import to make significant contributions (in recent memory) is Alexander Kuehl. Many trashed him when I was in school, but when Kuehl was in the game he clogged up the middle and I liked him overall.

Can anyone think of a foreign player that did something?
All I want is someone to replace Kelvin Price. Since he graduated, we have yet to find a replacement.

[i]Originally posted by mineshaft[/i]@Jul 30 2004, 09:49 PM [b] Can anyone think of a foreign player that did something? [/b]
hhmm, umm, lets see...oh yeah, [SIZE=3]DIEGO GUEVARA!!![/SIZE]

Diego is the man! Didn’t think of him late last night as I was writing this. Was focusing more on big men as I was dumbfounded over Iti.

Note- Most people who don’t know the Niners mention to me about our foreigner that can shoot three’s. They’re referring to Plavich. Thought that was kind of amusing.

Only on Australians!