former panther in trouble

manning jr. picks on a guy for using a lptop at denny’s, then punches him in the face…nice


why does this not surprise me. well at least the eagles curse is gone. bye bye T NOOOOOOOO

Technically, isn’t he still a Panther until Carolina makes it official that they’re not matching Chicago’s offer (or has that happened yet)? Either way, I think the arrest makes it obvious he’ll be playing in Soldier Field next year.

Oh well, we’ve got a great secondary now anyway. :smiley:

I wonder why he hasn’t posted anything about this on his website ? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Most pro contracts have clauses where if an athlete gets in legal trouble the contract can be voided.

The last deal Rodney White signed with the Nuggets was like that. He had just gone through his gunplay incident and he was rightly considered a risk.

I bet the Bears can bail out if Manning is found guilty of something.

I hope the guy he beat up sues him for $21 mil.

“I can’t let something like this let me have a bad start to my football career in Chicago.”