Fox18 News...

…is officially my local TV source for Niner coverage. These guys have been giving us major props through most of the season and haven’t jumped on the bandwagon since we started playing well/got ranked. Seems like more often that not during the 10:00pm news, they have mentioned us. And they’ve had Bobby on their “Got Game” show a couple times.

Tonight, we were the lead story again and they showed some of our practice. They showed Curt go up for a dunk and come down hard, remaining on the floor. I’m sure he’s fine but that wasn’t a very pleasant image to see.

All the local stations cover us but WCCB seems more genunine in my opinion. Feel free to leave them feedback at: Fox18 Feedback

Yeah they do a great job on us and Davidson as well. Kudos to them. Thanks for the link.

Got a reply back…

[b][b]Thanks for watching our station, and thanks for the kind words about our show. We love covering the 49ers (men and Women) and look forward to watching them kick a little keyster in the upcoming weeks.


Bruce Snyder
Fox Charlotte Sports[/b][/b]

I have seen Snyder at a lot of our home games. Not just the Cincy game that the other stations seem to cover.

This pleases me. It’s a concept often lost in this city. To take a line from Take Me Out To The Ballgame:

Root, root, root for the home team, and if they lose it’s a shame…

Would the ACC fans in the area really be that hard up if the Observer always was a Niners first paper? Probably not. What the hell else would they read?