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Plavich is gonna light it up this season…

I hope Plav is much more consistant. Great article!

I’m PUMPED!!! Lets get it started!

I thought that was a pretty good article. There is no doubt that BP can shoot lights out. It looks like he did pretty well on the canadian tour. I just hope he continues take smart shots and doesn’t try to force it if he doesn’t have anything. I felt last year that him and Demon would try to take a game over sometimes by taking three after three no matter what kind of look they had. I enjoy all the three’s, but I feel we have a heck of a front court this year. I’d like to see Curtis, Martin, Eddie, and EJ have numerous double figure games. I think him working on the mid range jumper could be beneficial as mentioned in the article. This will only add to his arsenal. I hope he continues to stay this consistent. GO NINERS!!!

[i]Originally posted by switchfoot[/i]@Oct 14 2004, 09:41 PM [b] I hope Plav is much more consistant. Great article! [/b]
More great insight. Plavich is ready. I wish we had him for 2 more years.

I got to talk to Judy’s husband at the alumni tourney and he was really excited. The guy knows his basketball. I played in the tourney with him two years ago when it was Nash’s senior year and he predicted we’d struggle.

I’m excited.