Free Bobcats Tickets for New Years (Timberwolves)

Promo Code - NEWYEAR

good for up to 4 tickets

stupid question, is it for new year’s eve or new years day?

stupid question, is it for new year's eve or new years day?

Monday, January 1, 2007 7:00 pm

got my tix!! ill be there. go bobcats

thx for posting that…got my 4 tix!

awesome, just got 4 tickets, see y’all tomorrow

I’ll be there 227 Row G seats 5-8

I’ll be there…great post…big props to Savio for letting everyone know
Sec 207 H 3-6

i’ve got tickets if people want to go with me

it says it’s good for 10 tickets

well i got them originally for my family but that changed

Savio, you the man. You can talk about poop anytime you want in the shoutbox.

Awesome. Thanks, Sav…I’ll make the walk from my place 4 sure.

Ha, the NBA is such a joke. This is the only way I’d ever go to a game at BET Arena. Thanks Savio!!!

I’ll be in section 225. Who else is in that area?

rusty i’m in 226 row u 13-16

ill be in 225 R

what you people gonna have on so I can recognize you? ill have on a bobcats long sleeve shirt and an orange bobcats hat

i’ll have a got lutz shirt on more than likely and i’ll have my black knee brace on. so look look for a completely black leg in the section to the left of you i’ll have a white charlotte hat on too

nba game? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’d rather watch the ceiling. If YOU guys are going, they MUST be giving the tix away.
bubcats=the worst of thugjoke.

49er1 the bobcats are no longer the worst team in the nba. have won 2 straight.