Free Throws 101 : Bend your knees

This probably isnt the best time to bring this up since we’re shooting a better %, but why don’t our players bend their knees at the foul line?

Not to pick on Plav, because nearly ALL of our players fail to do this. But I saw this picture and it reminded me of how bad our shooters’ forms are:

Brendan shooting FTs ballerina style. No, he doesn’t finish with a half twist…

I guess I should shutup about it since he went 4 for 4, but he’s notthe only one. Watch Eddie too. Not only does Eddie not have a consistent motion, but he doesnt bend his knees either. It seems like the only one who might is Mitch (though suddenly I’m not sure), and if so, his % proves the point.

I guess if I shot 100 FTs per practice, I probably wouldnt want to bend my knees everytime either.

That said, I’m still happy we won. I’m more curious than annoyed about this. I only really care about the result. If standing on your head made the ball go in, so be it. B)

That picture tells nothing. His form is fine. You bend your knees well before the release and he is about to shoot. He’s on his toes which means he pushed up (knees bent) before the photo was taken. Still don’t know why he misses so many though.

3ball, he does not bend his knees before he shoots!

Plavich is stiff at the line NA, but he was 4-4, so maybe he’s worked it out somewhat. He’s now 12-26 for the season (46%) but just doesn’t get to the line that much.

Wish we go pull one of those FT turnarounds like Wake Forest did: 18-35 against Maryland and 32-32 against UNC Chapel Hill, the thrid best effort in NCAA history.

a person on the internet posting a message showing brendan plavich how to shoot. clt writes, read that sentence over and over and think about it.

and chisox writes, if you’re on the FIRST FRIGGIN ROW, get you’re hands in the air!!! look at that first picture. not referring to NLP because I know he almost always does it. but the two guys in the front row with the black hats all night had “im too cool for this shit” type looks on their faces. :cuss: