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there should have been a picture of the Dunk Contest judges instead of steve in the paper.

Was that a self-serving comment? :wink:

Thanks Jim. Liked the “notes and observations”. Looking forward to a LOT of coverage and insight this year…so keep it coming!

I am cautioulsy optimistic about this season and we seem to be in a position to make great strides. I am very excited about the season starting.

With that said, and it has been said before, but when I see Lasalle, Duquesne, and Richmond (the new St. Louis) picked ahead of us, I just feel sick. If you would have told me this 10 years ago I would have said you were crazy. Now I am happy to be picked 7th in the A10!?

Lets have a breakout year and get back to where we should be! Go Niners!

[QUOTE=Jim Utter;437983]Was that a self-serving comment? ;-)[/QUOTE]

only 50% of it, the other 50% was not wanting to see steve while eating breakfast.

I really love the way coaches “spin” things, even our own Lutz:

"[b]Some people picked us 11th, 12th, 10th[/b]. People around the league know we have a number of people back, and we had (Boston College transfer) Shamari Spears sitting out. He has the chance to be one of the top players in our league," said Charlotte coach Bobby Lutz.

"When you’re coming off the kind of year we had, seventh is probably a pretty generous pick.

Actually, Lindy picked us 11th and Athlon 9th. Other than that, most had us in the 6 (Sporting News) to 7 (College Chalk Talk, ESPN, Rivals, and USA Today) range, with Blue Ribbon picking the Niners 8th. When I averaged out the various preseason predictions, it rounded off to 7th. So the official A-10 pick was right on! :rolleyes: :tongue:

[QUOTE]Among the potential men’s recruits on hand were point guard Tyler Lewis, whose brother Colby is a walk-on this season; Waddell High’s Jervon Pressley; North Mecklenburg’s Bernard Sullivan; and Vance High’s Marquis Rankin.[/QUOTE]

[B]Tyler Lewis[/B] - Ranked 20th overall according to Hoopscoop (rivals’ 2012 list has not yet expanded beyond the Top 10) ([URL=]favors: Charlotte[/URL])

[B]Jervon Pressley[/B] - Among top center prospects in the state ([URL=]favors: South Carolina[/URL])

[B]Bernard Sullivan[/B] - ([URL=]favors: Clemson[/URL]) [QUOTE]When healthy, this 6-foot-7, 220-pound power forward is arguably the top recruit in the state of North Carolina, for the class of 2011.[/QUOTE]

[B]Marquis Rankin[/B] - Ranked #26 Overall for the Class of 2011. ([URL=]favors: UNC-Chapel Hill[/URL])

Not a bad group. Not bad at all. I hope we can sway a couple of those players to come aboard.

Awesome the recruits came. Honestly though, if I was a recruit, that madness wouldn’t have swayed me towards Charlotte at all.