From here on out, we are unstoppable

That’s right, no more losses for the rest of the season! Marquette was the first of the many unfortunate teams that will fall to the the mighty green juggernaut that is the Charlotte 49ers. Curtis, Eddie, Mitch, Plavich and Nance will get co-CUSA player of the year, Bobby Lutz will get COY, and Travis Gordon will get the prestigious walk on of the year award.

Look out rest of the NCAA, the Niners are storming towards a national championship!!! B)

yeah… i wish that were true… though i want to believe it we still have to play cincy at home. I feel pretty shaky about that one, even though we got mitch back… we just gotta pray for no more injuries… well iti can hurt himself. haha. and don’t forget louisville…

We will own Loserville B)

[i]Originally posted by Green Tinted Glasses[/i]@Jan 22 2005, 07:33 PM [b] We will own Loserville B) [/b]
Hahahaha thats great... I never heard that before... Charlotte 49ers - 2005 NCAA champs