FSL "Merger"

Hey folks,

Looking for somebody that may be interested in setting up an FSL share. We have two FSLs, but are moving to the DC area as soon as our house sells. We’ve also got twins who we’d like to be able to bring to games, too.

We’re hoping to find another group with a pair of FSLs that would be interested in sitting together and splitting the games evenly. Essentially, we each keep our existing FSLs (and our investment in them) but instead of getting two tickets to six games, we trade off so that each side has four tickets to three games.

If you or anybody you know has FSLs and travels in from out-of-town, or has family that they don’t currently have tickets for, or would be interested for whatever other reason, let me know. I’d like to avoid the headache of selling all of my tickets and buying mini-plans just to keep my FSL investment. My gut still tells me that FSL might be worth something someday, even if it is wishful thinking.

(MODS: feel free to move this to the tickets thread if you think its necessary. I felt like this was a big enough proposal to warrant its own)

What area are your tickets located?

Sec. 111, row 20