Future Football Schedules


With UNC Chapel Hill football subpar to say the least, and school’s becoming less interested in playing them in the future, is there any chance Hill and company schedule UNC Chapel Hill in the next few years or aim to continue to schedule bigger opportunities (like App State, Tennessee)


We have already scheduled a home and home series with them. Our non conference schedule is set for the next five or six years if I recall correctly.


With whom? Chapel Hill? Or App State?


Chapel Hell


Chapel Hill


Future non-conference opponents can be found here:


Love that we play the Terps! Really wish we could have kept that Hokies series though too.


Is the long term plan for some of these bigger games that we will still be hosting at Richardson, even if seat expansion hasn’t occurred?


If Cheat is having trouble getting non conference games, why should we help them? They can go to Hell.


It will be expanded within the next 1-2 years I think.


Highly doubt it.


If the Tarholes are having trouble getting OOC games, their future skeds don’t reflect that. Set through 2025 with some opponents known as far out as 2036.


I guess we can dust this thread off.

Florida Gators added to 2023.

08/31 - Gardner-Webb
09/07 - at Appalachian State
09/14 - UMass
9/21 - at Clemson
8 C-USA Games
*** at Virginia Tech- Cancelled 8/31/19

9/5 - at Tennessee
9/12 - Norfolk State
9/19 - at Duke
09/26 - Georgia State

9/4 - Duquense
9/11- Duke
9/18 - at Georgia State
10/2 - at Illinois

9/10 - Maryland
9/17 - at Georgia State
9/24 - at South Carolina

8/31- at Maryland
9/16 - Georgia State
9/23 - at Indiana
11/18- at Florida

8/31 - ECU
9/7- at UNC-Chapel Hill
9/28 - at Indiana

8/30- at ECU
9/6- UNC-Chapel Hill


Three games vs. P5 opponents… I guess we’re approaching scheduling like a team that wants to be in the CFP/NY6 conversation needs to, whether we’re ready or not.

I like it.


Indiana series is now 1 game instead of 2. September 21st, 2024. We’ll be receiving $1.3m per the game. That leaves 1 opening in 2023, presumably for an FCS home game.

There have been no amendments with Maryland and our original agreement with them.


Time to add some more Appy State games! By then we’ll be pounding them every year.


clt says we gain nothing from playing appy. If they win, it is their super bowl. If we win, no one cares about a win over the lowly sun belt.


I will say it now, next season is the edge of the cliff for App. Players there now will find that Drink is not Satt, recruiting will suffer, and transfers will happen. Of course I don’t know any more than App fans do, so take this as nothing more than a prediction that math is real, performance will return to the mean, and App has been out punching their weight class the last few years. This was due to Satt, not the magic of Boone, NC. He left, and you don’t replace what he did with a roll of the dice. This coming season will benefit from momentum, but then reality sets in.


ECU should have some open dates in the upcoming seasons. VPI cancelled its upcoming games in Greenville as a reaction to ECU cancelling the game in Blacksburg in 2018 due to the hurricane.

I believe they had a 6 game series. ECU will certainly cancel the games in Blacksburg. ECU will bring some fans.


I’m happy to see the ability to have six home games in 2023. The FCS game helps our ability to make a bowl and give backups more reps. We have never played Western Carolina maybe we can schedule them in 2023.