Gabriel Iglesias Visits Football Facilities

Can anyone provide more info into Fluffy’s visit today? Was it for a commercial? Was coach Rivera visiting because he was just a fan or was he in the commercial or whatever promotion that was taking place today?

They were shooting a tv show called Fluffy Breaks Even. Pretty much he eats alot, then burns it off somehow. Rivera and some of our staff ran them through some drills and scrimmaged them. It honestly was hilarious to watch because gabriel and his friends are terrible at football.

I like that guy. I saw he was doing a show at Ovens Aud tomorrow and thought about coming down to catch the show. Then I saw he’s doing a Show at ODU’s Constant basketball arena and figured that would be closer. In any event, glad he was on campus.

Fluffy! Fluffy! Fluffy!

Bump. This is on at 10pm tonight on Fuse.