Game of interest, Tuesday, March 27

[U]National Invitation Tournament Semi-final Game, New York City[/U]
#1 West Virginia (25-9, 9-7) vs #1 [B]Mississippi State[/B] (21-13, 8-8), MSG, ESPN2, 7:00 pm

West Virginia 63
[B][COLOR=Red]Mississippi State 62[/COLOR][/B]

Wow, sounds like a good 'n.

Damn!!! That just killed our rpi for the year.


I saw the final 5 minutes. Beilein is a hell of a coach.

I would love for our team to be able to handle last minute / second situations like that. They got 2 good shots in their final 2 possessions and the inbound play underneath the basket was just terrific.

Air Force was my hopeful to win the NIT. Maybe they will still do a โ€œtower buzzingโ€ of the NCAA headquarters.

the wvu game winning buzzer beater 3 is the top play on sportscenter.