Game on ESPN Classic

i saw a commerical for the Tulane/TCU game that will be on ESPN classic, and it will be a THROWBACK! night where the coverage will be in 70’s decor. Does anyone know if our game will be the same thing, if so my friends and i will be dressed for the 70’s!!

anyone know?

I hope we get to wear our 1970’s uni’s, they are awesome. Didn’t we have one set that were dark green ?

I like this idea a lot. What if we broke out some GOLD unis, or the Cornbread era nuthuggers… :o

[i]Originally posted by NinerAdvocate[/i]@Jan 7 2005, 12:46 PM [b] or the Cornbread era nuthuggers... :o [/b]
:rofl: :grin:

The short pants would be scarybut I’m worried if the cheerleaders were to dress in throwback. For you youngsters, the male cheerleaders wore jumpsuits that season. B)

I vaguely remember watching the Final Four Game against Marquette as a child with Dick Enberg doing the commentary. I was living in upstate New York and had no clue who or where UNCC was. When I unexpectedly moved to Charlotte two years later, I don’t think Charlotte knew where it was either (before I get flamed, it seems to have found its identity).

The part I remember most vividly was the female cheerleaders looking like hicks in green and white plaid skirts that looked like they were right off of Hee-Haw or the Grand Ole Opry.

Forgettting the Final Four because it was meaningless to me at the time, it was quite ironic that six years later I enrolled at UNCC, and didn’t realize that I was at that school with those hick cheerleaders from back in the 70s until a silly extra credit question in Geography 101 asked, “Who is the highest paid geographer in the Country.” Answer: Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell, with a BA in Geography and Black Literature.

The new highest paid Geographer is Michael Jordan…