Game Preview from the Left Coast


Pretty good write up. Someone did their homework.

or just copy and pasted off our website

Another pre-game story from San Jose, Cable Car Classic set to get underway.

Gametracker stats for our game will also be available from the Santa Clara Broncos web site as well.

[b]Yale has lost three in a row and lost its most recent game, 82-80 to Boston College in double overtime. [/b]

Hmmmmm!!! :unsure: That worries me a little. BC is a pretty good team, and Yale took them to overtime? Is Yale still running their Princeton-style offense? I hope this isn’t a 52-50 kind of game we get into with them tonight. Hopefully, we can jump on them early and take them out of their offense. It’s sad when I’m worried about the likes of Yale!!! :frowning:

[i]Originally posted by X-49er[/i]@Dec 28 2004, 04:03 PM [b] It's sad when I'm worried about the likes of Yale!!! :( [/b]
Your worry is not unjustified. We do tend to struggle with half-court-ball-control teams. I'm a bit concerned, but think we come out 83-68 on the + side.