Gamechangers—-Old North State College Football Players—Emphasis on Charlotte


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2 factors that weren’t mentioned: 1) There are many private schools in or near Charlotte that play football. That gives more kids the chance to be a star QB, RB, or WR than in the Triad or Triangle. Daniel Jones and Will Grier, the QBs mentioned in the article went to Latin and Davidson. Charlotte Catholic has played football forever in public school leagues. 2) In the late '90s or early '00s, NC split the 4 classifications of high schools into 8. That doubled the number of schools making the playoffs, which helped coaches keep their jobs, and made it easier for colleges to scout players in the extra playoff games.

NC college teams would improve tremendously if more of the talent produced by NC high schools played college football here.

That’s a good article.



And it’s a joke. Teams with losing records in the playoffs? 60-0 first round scores? Seems it was a money making move to have more games and the NCHSAA to get more of that money. A joke.



That’s for posting, excellent article. There is enough talent in NC to support the number of FBS programs located here, but you’ve got to establish those relationships. NC St is currently killing it with in-state recruits. With ECUs decline, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do the same at the G5 level.



clt says Davidson day dropped football



App recruiting in Charlotte



As a coach in Charlotte I will say it’s odd to see Ardrey Kell on here, never realized how much talent they produced because the on field result has always been very sub-par.
However, I am confident that a new staff will mend any and all relationships with HS coaches in the city and make Charlotte a priority instead of an after thought, which is has been since Ratliff died.
I understand you don’t just replace a guy like Ratliff, but it’s been what four years now and they don’t even try. It’s sad.
However, I see them sending out at least more offers in the Charlotte area so that I guess is a solid sign.