Gameday! Beat the Hawks!

Man am I excited to get back into Halton!

I love tailgating and football but my real desire is to have our basketball program get its feet under them and rolling. Every year is a new year and a new opportunity. Perhaps this is the year we get it going!



Let’s GO!



This! Can’t wait to be back in Halton.

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Didn’t see any lowers for sale on the alum side…if anyone has 2 please DM me. Also, where do ppl pregame these days (Pics, saucer, amoured cow?).

I still hit up picassos. Not sure if I will make it there tonight.

I didn’t know Pics was still open

Rumor a few years ago was rent was going up and they were closing but that never happened and they are still there!

FYI, lady Niners off to a great start vs. Richmond on ESPN+ right now - started 11-2, Richmond just got an and-1 to make it 11-5

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clt says go karen!

Had some wings from Pics for the Rice tailgate.

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