Gameday.... vs. Who Wants to be a Millionaire

[SIZE=3][COLOR=#006400]Do it Alex Drake![/COLOR][/SIZE]




Is that how much Alex won? :biggrin: Oh, I see…



waiting for the edit to take place…

It was taped a while ago, so it’s kind of like going into play chapel hill. We already know the outcome has been decided, but we cheer anyways. :biggrin:


What time tonight???

What time tonight???

CBS 7:30.

Will Utter be doing p-b-p in the shout box for those out of town or away from a tv?

[B][SIZE=7]Drakey Cakes???[/SIZE][/B]:tongue:


Chant Change…


congrats on winning 8k.

i haven’t seen that show since the Regis days. when did they stop doing the “fastest finger” qualifying thing

Good job drakey cakes… That host was annoying. They threw you some tough questions early on.

and now the price is right is on. jeez, am i out of the loop. when did that show become prime-time?

[QUOTE=dax;326641]congrats on winning 8k.[/QUOTE]

8000 ? Cool, only $500 away from a new Coaches Circle member in the 49er Club.

I’m sure Mr. Hummer will be happy to stop by to pick up the check if you can’t deliver it by Monday.

They threw you some tough questions early on.

That’s the truth, when the show first started the questions were easy till you got to about 100K, the questions were tough. I guess when the show lost popularity they had to make it harder to make money.