Gardner-Webb @ Charlotte 11/14 - cancelled

Don’t know if this game is happening but it would sure be nice to get in some playing time before the Marshall game. This is a game you could play almost everyone on the bench.

The question is how do we get tickets? How many are allowed to attend? With the King of NC emboldened we may be down to zero again.

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Same rules as the UTEP game. 1,072 fans comprised of player parents, students, and invite only from the alumni association.

800 dollars in a student fee for this​:clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:. Maybe some tweaks need to be made in the AD.

With Biden pushing a mask mandate and Roy likely to issue one this week, how will that affect sports?

Gonna be real interesting to see how this shakes out.

Not sure how in the world we can play if we couldn’t play just 8 days prior to this game. Other people know the rules better than me though.

If we have to play down a ton of people, anything could happen

Agreed. GW is that great unknown since they have yet to play this season. That can either be an advantage for us (even possibly being down a lot of key players) or a detriment ( being down key players and playing a team that may be better than anyone knows). I would hope that we are now at a level in D1 football that even being down players, such a game should be a “warmup”, but it is 2020. #deeznuts2020!

Depending on who we are missing I’m not sure that level exist. GaSo played campbell earlier this year down 33 guys, and very nearly took an L.

Here’s a couple of articles from Richard Walker on the game:

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You could make the same argument about playing non-revenue sports.

Is essentially a scrimmage game. It could expose the players and put other conference games in jeopardy. I would question why we are playing this game.

Makes good sense to me. They are a football Team that plays football games. That has nothing to do with cost cutting measures taken. Fear super spreading fear

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My super selfish NINER fanaticism just makes me want to see us play and win a game. Any game, any time.

Why do players wake up before dawn, sweat all summer, get bruised up, watch hours of film, and practice every day? To play football games!

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Im gonna assume there was no pay day games for our open weeks otherwise we woulda taken those. However after typing that, maybe not if we were wanting a home game.

Buy games are very hard to come by this year with the limited (or lack of) OOC schedules from the P5. I’d prefer a H&H G5 game in this slot but just hope it gets played.