Gardner-Webb Pregame 2019

We’re only (1) week out (woot!) so I guess it’s time for the first game thread of the year.

GW is not expected to be good even by Big South standards. Winning the game shouldn’t (I hope) be a question so what are you guys going to be paying the most attention to in this game. A few things for me

  1. QB play obviously. It looks like both will play, who will start? How much time for each? Will Kean be able to eliminate the mistakes or Reynolds be able to make some more big plays?

  2. Who takes the #2 WR role with Arnold out?

  3. Will Elder be able to show his explosiveness in game that he has exhibited in practice

  4. Looks like the AD’s done a great job selling tickets for this one, what kind of atmosphere will we have?

Can’t believe we’re on the cusp of football, let’s get to 1-0 and get ready for trip up the mountain.


I know people hate the idea of playing both QBs, but I hope we do that for this game if it’s comfortably in hand for us.

I’m excited to see how the new schemes look, and hopefully looking forward to some creativity on offense.

While I’m not a fan of 2 QBs, hopefully we’re not changing them out mid-drive.

especially when one gets hot and then gets benched.

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You trying to trigger my PTSD?

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I can’t wait to see the players acting excited to be there for once. The D got better at it last year, but the O had absolutely terrible body language. Our O line looked like they were miserable. Every player should take pride in being there and come out and remain energetic.


When Coach punishes you for not celebrating sufficiently that builds an expectation, lol.

Game Notes are out for GW:

2 QBs for this game isn’t a big deal IMO just can’t go all season with that.


The only reason I’m not hating on the 2 QB rotation early on is that I think it’s a perfect way to hedge your bet on Reynold’s health.

I truly think Reynolds is gonna have trouble staying healthy and this is a way to protect and elongate Reynolds’ season while at the same time keeping Kean game ready for a seamless transition to taking over if the need arises.


what was Reynold’s injury?

He got knocked out of several games…but his season ending injury was a broken ankle I believe.

He’s just small…and scrambles…and takes a lot of hits. Injury of some type is sadly all but inevitable if he’s tak8ng every snap of every game imo.

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THIS JUST IN!!! there are plenty of very athletic people who have relatively weak joints. quick. good arms. shifty. fine decision-makers. strong. etcetcetc. but have weak joints and can’t stay on the field.
i know!

Rumor has it that joints are much stronger now than they were in the 60’s, early.

glad to get this news. hope it’s true. but push that back a decade.

Thanks for tolerating my obsession, but the weather forecast looks to be rain/lightning free!!! Getting gitty. With the place packed, I anticipate an “electric atmosphere” anyway.


clt says no hurricanes as well

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Not this week, but look out for the next several weeks…