Garvin arrested and suspended

SEEMS like a decent guy. Hoping this turns out to be baseless.

If David Scott still can get a boner, I bet he achieved one when he found this out. I notice they don’t include the word “misdemeanor” in the headline.

Wake me up in three years when the basketball program has more stability. Another starter leaves the team…

I thought it was just me thinking that David Scott gets off writing about people when they messs up. He acts like he never did anything wrong

If the allegations are true I think there is no other recourse than to remove him from the team or make him sit a year with some other things that he must do such as counseling, etc… If they make him sit a year he may remove himself. We have to keep in mind that these are young men who can act irrational at times given their age and maturity. You don’t necessarily want to kick someone to the curb even if they made this type of mistake. It would be better to mentor him and develop a plan for him to be a responsible member of society with being a basketball player being secondary.

If the allegations are false then he will have a long road ahead in damage control to his image. I don’t think any of us would want to rush to judgement on the limited information given in the article.

Clearly Sanchez doesn’t have control of the team. What a dope hire by Mike Hill.

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10 commandments strike again!

It’s a welcome sign! We were so bad for so long I couldn’t tell if they were still active or if we had been passed over.


Scott was just doing his job regarding Garvin. Niner Times broke that on Twitter.

There goes his chance of a Supreme Court nomination.

Not if he’s a Republican nominee.


Let’s keep the politics out of the sports threads. There is a politics thread for that crap.

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Any updates on Garvin ?

Not yet, still listed on the roster as of this morning.

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Good luck to Garvin. I hope he finds himself in a better position in the future.

As a player I really like Garvin and feel that he has a lot of athletic upside. I would like to have seen him grow under a solid coaching staff. Clearly Garvin needed some guidance along the way that he did not get, so I hope at least he learns from this experience.

I liked Garvin and hope things work out for him. My son did Mark Price hoops camp summer before last and I was around Halton a lot that week. Garvin was one of the best working with the younger kids.