George Mason vs. Charlotte

Who has the better program? My friend and I argued this point for over an hour last night. Obviously I was arguing in Charlotte’s favor because of consistency. What does everyone think and why?

Both programs are at different levels. We are trying to get into the class of an ACC or Big East conference while I think George Mason would love to be in a conference like Conference USA or the Atlantic 10.

A lot of teams overlooked George Mason which is what got them far in some regard. Yes they’re an incredible team to watch and I admire what they did and wanted them to win last night very badly. Keep in mind they had never won a tournament game till this year.

We are the better program overall. For whatever reason, the years we do make the tournament we seem to struggle to win a first round game and when we do we end up having to play a #1 seed. That’s tough for any program but one like ours particuarly. I have always wondered what the fan support would be like if we played a Duke or State or UNC. I know some of our own students that wouldn’t pull for us. I respect and love Lutz’s ability to get quality players here year in and year out considering where we are at. We lack good hard game coaching and defense. I fear that will continue.

I would pull for Niners.

These type of arguments are usually senseless. George Mason has a better team as of today. Charlotte has had a better program through the years by far. Could GMU’s success in the tourney catapult them past Charlotte? Maybe, we will have to see. It took Charlotte eleven years to get back to the tourney after our first NCAA appearance and Final Four.

lets schedule a game against them and see what happens :shades:

It’s funny, I was reading an old thread on a NC-State message board and they were saying that Wake sucked because it took them in overtime to beat George Mason.