George Washington professor ejected
This is pretty hilarious…I know what happens when you are too close to the action to heckle a ref. Never call a soccer ref Hitler if you wish to remain in your seat :stuck_out_tongue:

GW’s school paper is called “The Hatchet”? Well, that explains much. I guess that’s better than “The Wooden Teeth”.

Refs are ridiculous. A couple years ago during the first white out when we beat X while they were a top 15(?) team I about got tossed. You may remember Lamont Mack hitting a 3 from the corner to put us up with only a few seconds remaining. Refs decided to review the play. While they were standing there at half court, I was doing my usual yelling with the rest of the student section (after all, they tried to toss the game for us on multiple occasions already).

At this point you’re thinking “I bet he said something about his mom” or “I bet he used profanity”

Nope. I hadn’t used profanity or talked about his mom the entire game. All I said was “Please don’t take this away from me” - and that was all it took. He looked at me, looked at security, and told them to tell me one more word from me and I would be ejected.

What a joke. And for 1600 bucks a game? REALLY?

Nothing will ever beat the ‘fly is down’ ejections.

same thing but is featured on the front page of yahoo right now