Gerry V Discusses Expectations



He talks about our expectations being too high coming off of one win, but the reality is we should have never been a one win team. That’s on Lambert.


My expectation is that we are searching for a new coach in November.


I typically expect more than we deliver, but I really do think we will be better than expected this season overall (4-5 wins) and to perform much better against App, in particular, than people think.


That’s exactly the way I see it. It is asking a lot to get to a bowl after last seasons catastrophe, but Lambert is responsible for our program falling to such depths. He has a full roster (including redshirts) of players recruited after the CUSA announcement . It’s time to win, or find someone who can.


clt listened to coach o on PMT. that is a ball coach.


I think that we may be looking for a new coach before November. I don’t like it when they say that we had to rebuild after the first class graduated. The coaches job is to recruit good players year after year to replace graduating Seniors. If you are pulling in less talent year over year it means you failed at recruiting. I think they failed when they didn’t make Charlotte the priority. It is too late to play catch up now. Time to find a new leader.


A QB that can complete a pass to our team will change the entire dynamic of the season. I think we will be better than many expect. Good enough for bowl? I dunno, but I think 4-5 wins is about right.