Getting all my fears out in open

I think if I just list all my potential nightmare scenarios for the State game,I can move on and spend the rest of the week with only optimistic thoughts.So,if you’ll all indulge me,or just ignore this thread…My fears…1)Martin goes for 10 minutes,with more fouls than points,and looks like Gulliver…with all the liliputians running around and past him for uncontested shots.2)Mitchell does not pick up his missing offense,we fall behind…forcing Lutz to play Lee a lot more than he probably wanted…3)Eddie plays like the last few games…4)Plavich misses his first few shots…5)We get to the line a lot…and shoot 50%…6)we can’t defend the princeton offense and State gets bookoo uncontested layups…OK,NONE OF THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN,i FEEL MUCH BETTER GETTING IT OFF MY CHEST…FOR THOSE WHO DIDN’T IGNORE THIS…THANKS FOR INDULGING MY PESSIMISTIC STREAK…GOOOOOOOOO NINERS!!!

Relax. Our bad games are over with.

Itii will be unstoppable. Plav will go 14 for 14 from WAY behind the arc. Eddie and Curt will be the envy of the acc fans. Mitch will show why he was named NC Player of the Year by some publications his senior year in high school. Drayton will have the game of his career. Nance will get a double double. Goldwire will have 10 assists while going 5 of 5 from the field. The Niners will win the first game of their new 6 game winning streak.