Getting the NCAA Website to get our Name Right

On the NCAA website we are listed as UNC Charlotte. I called them and left them a message about how our athletic department is just Charlotte and has been for the last 9 years. I got a call back from an NCAA representative who sounded genuinely scared, like the school was going to sue them haha.
I was driving so I couldn’t direct her to the article where we changed our name, and I’m not even sure if that would be the appropriate thing to do. She told me to fax her a copy of where we changed our name and they will update it. My question is: Should I fax a copy of that article online? It’s proof, but it’s not like it’s from the athletic department. Should we approach the athletic department about this? Would they do anything?

we’re listed as Charlotte

Look under ‘C’

But click on that Charlotte [URL=]link[/URL].

i don’t usually get involved in this stuff, but when you go to the ncaa site and click on ‘charlotte’, you get ‘North Carolina-Charlotte’

No matter how you look at it it’s wrong, if they wanted to put our official school name than there should be UNC Charlotte, if they are going with abbreviations than they should put Charlotte. I looked up the VA Tech one because I think that’s the closest to our “problem”. Know where do I see Virgitina polytechnical…

Charlotte is not an abbreviation.

“UNC Charlotte 49ers”


Get used to this until the name of the university changes.

So basically, get used to it.