Girls are in PreSeason NIT

The Ladies are going to the PNIT.
It starts Nov. 12, & we’re guaranteed at least 3 games.

The other teams are: Austin Peay St, Central Fl, DePaul, Florida (ex-Niner coach,) Hampton, Iona, James Madison, Lamar, Missouri St, Purdue, S Dakota St, St Francis (don’t know if it’s Pa or Ny,) Toledo, Utah Valley St, & Valpo.

The best part of this is that we won’t be playing at Duke! Not too many marquee teams on that list. I guess I’m glad we will be participating , but nearly half the team is new and I can’t see how playing earlier and with less practice time is going to be helpful. :-X

DePaul and Purdue are the big names in women’s hoops, would love to get NCAA revenge on Purdue and NC State with the women’s and men’s teams, respectively.