Anyone ever use them to build a website? Mrs 2k is looking to purchase a domain and needs to build a website for her photography venture.

Any thought or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I used them. It was hassle and pain free. Don’t think I got a bad price either. Should be noted that this was years ago.

GTG uses godaddy for the domain name registration, it was simple and easy to do.

We get our domain name and shopping cart product from godaddy. They’ve been easy to work with. Customer service is usually very responsive.

We use Godaddy for domain name registration for Mrs. Chevee’s harp business. Works smooth.

She has a harp business? What’s the address?

She has a harp business? What’s the address?[/quote]Yep! She graduated as a music major with concentration in harp and plays professionally. Unfortunately (and ironically considering this thread) the website is not running currently. Shoot her an email at