Going to My 1st Game Wed. Night

I have been a season ticket holder for many years but had to sell them this year due to the birth of my baby daughter. I have not been able to attend a game up until this point because I have been busy changing diapers, etc.

My wife surprised me last night with a card that had two Depaul tickets inside. I am really pumped for this game and can’t wait to be inside Halton Wednesday night. My old man and I will be rockin in section 220…

See you all Wednesday night…

Good for you, pull em thru with a w!


be loud and have fun!

Glad you’ll be in attendance. Thnak the wife for us, that’s a great present to receive.

Next year… the baby comes to Halton Arena.

No doubt. She will be there next year with her little Niner gear on…

Congrats on the birth of your daughter! You’ve got a good wife there it seems. Get Halton rocking Wed night!!

Heck, bring the baby. You should see all the baby’s in 216. someone looked like they brought one straight from university hospital for the houston game.

I’m in your same situation BofA. I was able to make it when we played Alabama but I couldn’t get season tickets this year for first time since I graduated. I have a baby sitter for Wednesday night though and we got my little girl a Little 49er fan outfit to wear for homecoming. It will be her first time in Halton outside of the womb.

How old is your little girl ?

Mine is 10 months so she was swimming around in her mom’s belly at the last home game of the 03-04 season. It takes a little time to overcome the paranoia of leaving the kid at home with a babysitter and late games are no good because babies like to sleep. How old is yours?

If this thread turns into a Pampers or Gerber commercial I might never come back to this board. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding guys, congrats on the new editions to your family and the next generation of Niner Nation.

My baby girl will be two months old on the 18th (a little to young for a Niners game this year). I will have her there next year though…