Good luck against State!!

This is the match-up you guys have been waiting for!! I bet Basden’s mouth is watering!

Good luck to your team. I have y’all beating State in my bracket, so please don’t screw it up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s hoping that Charlotte, The Ville, Cincinnati and UAB all make a good run! God knows C-USA is going to need the money!! :lol:

Well, I have you guys in my Final Four so don’t screw up my bracket!! :cuss:

Seriously…good luck and I hope you guys march to Saint Louis.

Yeah, I have the Cards in the final four in one of my brackets too. If you shoot like you did against us, I’m sure you will be there. Even though you got screwed with a 4 seed, your path to the final four isn’t too bad. Good luck.

I had you guys winning it all until I saw I was standing too close to glue products. So you are only in my Final Four now…

Seriously, though, good luck against LA-Lafayette. That is a pretty good team.