Good luck tonight 49ers from a MSU Dawg

We are a young team and will be putting our 14 game road winning streak on the line versus your 10-game home winning streak.

Looking forward to a great game and again good luck tonight.


Congrats on a nice win. Sorry we are so bad. Good luck this season.

I want to apologize to the Miss State fans at the game for the “You Suck” chant. I sat near the Miss State section and you all presented yourselves with a lot of class. Not all Niner fans are as mindless as those fans. I also want to apologize for not giving you guys a competitive game. You and your team are welcome to back to Halton anytime you want but I can understand why you wouldn’t want to come back.

mississippi st. played a great game and i commend you guys for that. To that little blonde hair kid i like to apologize for some of the fans pissing him off before the game started. He started crying. So if you guys ever see that little bulldog again let him know you are sorry. But on the other i’d like to say GO NINERS!!!